2016. MANTRA Year in review

Year in review MANTRA 2016

Another year has passed by!!
And we would like to  THANK YOU  for your support throughout the year.
Compared to previous year’s ( 2015 and 2014 review ) this year may look “slower” but we have done a lot!!

And things are already speeding up in 2017.

so … Here is a LOOK at our 2016 year.

For Spring.2016 collection we prepared  MANTRA Split Hoodies and Sweatpants


MANTRA SweatPants Gray

You can check photo editorial  for our SS LOOKBOOK 2016. ( All photos taken by Renato Miskolci )

MANTRA Spring 2016 Lookbook

For Summer2016  we did a lot of touring, went to various art markets, exhibited in various shows, festivals and sport events and during that time we had on display our SUMMER collection…
AVAILABLE ONLY  for those that came to visit us and see whats NEW.

In September we premiered these products ONLINE and you can find them there now.


MANTRA na sajmovima

For a casual daytime, our MANTRA Jogg pants are the answer! 
And if it gets HOT outside try our MANTRA Jogg Shorts.

MANTRA Bottoms

This was our first installment of MANTRA Linear T-shirts, based on our recurring pattern we use in our products with MANTRA Linear TankTop to complete the set.

MANTRA Linear T-shirts

Whether you celebrate or not  MANTRA is making contribution to “420″ each year with a limited edition of products.

MANTRA 420 T-shirts

Last products of our SUMMER.2016 Collection are FIGURE series of T-shirts.

MANTRA Figure MAN  T-shirts

MANTRA Figure W T-shirts

MANTRA Figure T-shirts are our interpretations of classic T-shirt - that unites functionality with some nice tailored finishes to get you this unique product.

MANTRA Figure Woman T-shirt


Throughout the year beside sewing our MANTRA products, we worked plenty on sewing for other brands, bands, organizations
So if  YOU need something made!  Don’t hesitate and contact us!!

sewing room MANTRA

As the temperature goes down, we introduced our WINTER 2016/2017 Collection
that includes a variety of Long Sleeves Shirts ( we worked on a new cut, focusing on the fit ), new and improved Sweatpants ( we wanted to bring that “JOGGER PANTS” feel !! ) and limited editions of LTD.016 hoodies to mark the end of the year…


MANTRA Winter 2016 Collection

MANTRA LTD.016 Hoodie

LTD.016 is made so you can match it with MANTRA Sweatpants !! 
Made out of super-soft yet thick fabric for maximum comfort while keeping trendy design and look for a casual day out and about.

MANTRA SweatPants Anthracite

MANTRA SweatPants All Black

Last but not least MANTRA Longsleeve!!! That gives you the look that fits your life and style!

MANTRA Long Sleeve Collection

MANTRA Long Sleeve 2016

MANTRA Winter2016 Collection

Thanks for YOUR support throughout the year.
2016 is behind us!  BUT 2017 is here !!
so … Stay Tuned for more.

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