When Your Business Becomes Facebook’s Collateral Damage

As the owner of itsMANTRA, a company I’ve poured my heart and soul into for over almost two decades, I found myself in a nightmare situation.
My personal Facebook account was hacked, and with it, access to itsMANTRA’s Facebook page, our primary online connection with customers and community was lost.
My story isn’t unique – it’s part of a growing trend of innocent Facebook users losing access to their accounts and pages due to FB vulnerabilities and lack of support.

Imagine, after years of building an online presence, nurturing connections, and fostering a community, you’re suddenly locked out with no clear answers or recourse. Facebook,  a behemoth unconcerned with individual struggles, leaves users like me hanging, unable to contact support, and left only with hope for a timely (and frankly, unlikely) response.

Sharing my experience isn’t simply about venting now, as I have tried all possible ways to contact FB, but nothing is happening.
A call to action, a plea for Facebook to acknowledge this issue and take responsibility. Too much to ask?
Here’s what’s happening:

  • Hackers exploit a security loophole: They link fake Instagram accounts with legitimate Facebook profiles. These fake accounts violate community guidelines, leading to bans that spill over to the connected Facebook profile. This is the short and simple version, so I won’t bore you with too much detail.
    If U want to read more on this topic follow this LINK to read more in-depth review of the problem
  • Innocent users get punished: Despite taking all security precautions, users lose access to their accounts and, crucially, business pages they’ve built for years.
  • Contacting Facebook? Good luck: The lack of ANY available support channels leaves users like me drowning in helplessness, unable to plead their case or even get a human to acknowledge this mistake, and try to fix it. (we were ready even to pay for it, but good luck getting to FB

The impact of this issue goes beyond individual inconvenience. For small businesses like mine, losing a Facebook page can be devastating.
It’s a severed connection to customers,  disrupted all marketing efforts, and a blow to the brand reputation.
This isn’t just about a few inconvenienced users; it’s about livelihoods hanging in the balance.

Facebook, we deserve better. You have a responsibility to your users, and that includes addressing security vulnerabilities and offering proper support.

This isn’t just about me or itsMANTRA, damage to livelihoods, and communities we have built on Facebook.
It’s about the countless businesses and individuals who stand to lose everything due to vulnerabilities and a lack of support.

How many more users need to suffer before Facebook takes this issue seriously?
I won’t give up on itsMANTRA, and I hope Facebook won’t give up on its users either.
Share your story: If you’ve faced a similar situation, add your voice to the chorus, and don’t give up!

ps. We started a new FB PAGE while we wait on Facebook, so go and give us like >  www.facebook.com/itsMANTRAcom  

Anger and frustration is real. Had to vent about this at the end :)

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At MANTRA, we have always believed in the enduring quality and timeless beauty of handmade custom leather products.
From our beginnings, leather has been an integral part of our brand’s identity. We started with leather belts and expanded to wallets, bracelets, and everyday accessories, each piece a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and durability.

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MANTRA CredyCash Wallet: A Timeless Essential

Our MANTRA CredyCa$h Wallet is the embodiment of our dedication to crafting leather products that stand the test of time.
Designed to hold essential items such as credit cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, bills, or folded cash, this wallet has been a part of our product lineup for quite some time. In its 3rd edition, it’s tried, tested, and loved by our customers.

What sets the CredyCa$h Wallet apart is not just its functionality but also its aesthetics. Crafted from tanned waxed hide leather with a distressed surface, this wallet boasts a unique character that develops a beautiful antique patina as it ages. Its thickness measures approximately 2mm, ensuring a slim profile while providing ample space for your essentials. The entire wallet is only 6mm thick, making it significantly smaller than traditional wallets.
Metal plate with engraved logo to round off things.

Our CredyCash Wallet is perfect for those moments when you need to carry just the essentials. It slips easily into your pants or our Pocket T-shirt, and its robust construction ensures it will last a lifetime. This wallet isn’t just a functional accessory; it’s a statement of style and substance.

CredyCash Wallet 2
MANTRA  Key Tray: Start Your Day with Purpose

The MANTRA Daily Key Tray is a simple yet meaningful addition to your daily routine. It’s a reminder, a motivator, and a practical accessory all in one.
Crafted from fine leather, this tray features built-in buttons that allow you to form a tray shape effortlessly. Just snap the ends, and you have a neat and compact tray ready to hold your keys or other small items.

What makes the MANTRA KeyTray even more special is its inspirational touch.
With the question, “What’s your MANTRA?” subtly embedded, it encourages you to reflect on your daily goals and affirmations.
It’s a great way to start your day with a positive mindset and a sense of purpose. Available in two colors(same as CredyCash wallets), this key tray combines style with functionality, making it an essential part of your daily routine.
Daily Tray1MANTRA KeyChain: Carry Your MANTRA Everywhere

Sometimes, all you need is a simple key holder, but at MANTRA, even the simplest products have a unique twist. Our MANTRA KeyChain is not just a key holder; it’s a reminder of your daily focus and goals. With the question, “What’s your MANTRA?” subtly embedded, this keychain keeps you thinking about your aspirations every time you reach for your keys.


As we continue our legacy of crafting high-quality leather products, we invite you to explore our latest additions – the MANTRA CredyCash Wallet, Key Tray, and KeyChain.
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MANTRA SPLIT Collection: Limited Monochrome – 2nd drop

Building on the success of the MANTRA Monochrome collection, for F/W 2022 we added a few new designs and products to fill and conclude this collection.
It consists of two attractive sweaters, two classic long-sleeves, and a practical pair of black sweatpants, all of which are designed to look great and feel even better. Let’s take a look at the details of these amazing pieces.

Composite Sweaters

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MANTRA SPLIT Collection: Limited Monochrome Magic

At the end of 2020,  we introduced SPLIT Collection – part of MANTRA 2.0, a Limited Edition series that combines minimalist aesthetics with a distinctive twist  – using only black and gray fabric for our products – each combined to elevate your streetwear style.

The Monochrome Marvel:
The essence of the MANTRA SPLIT Collection lies in its monochrome palette, showcasing a harmonious blend of black and gray. It’s been an iconic fashion look for years, and it’s having a big comeback right now.

This intentional choice of these colors as part of our lines dates to the start of MANTRA, as we like to keep things simple and classic.  Whether you’re seeking an urban look or aiming for a more laid-back style, these pieces have got you covered.

So …Let’s dive into the details of this collection, featuring two hoodies, sweatpants, and two t-shirts that are set to redefine your wardrobe.


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The Art of Subtle Absence: Where Has MANTRA Been?

Hey there, fellow MANTRA enthusiasts!

You might have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet on the web lately, or lets say for past few years…but we haven’t disappeared into the fashion abyss.
Instead, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on various exciting projects and crafting limited-edition pieces for our dedicated customers.
And today, we’re here to spill the beans on those products and why we were MIA for a while.

From 2018, We embarked on an adventure of limited editions, dropping hoodies, sweatpants, tees, and sweaters just for our loyal customers. some of You were there with us, and for that, we’re eternally grateful. But we also realized that sometimes, it’s also good to be open about what you are doing and what are our next plans.
mix of products 2018-2020

So, why the subtle absence, you ask?

Our philosophy has always favored quality over quantity. While we could have flooded the market with product after product, we chose to concentrate on crafting truly extraordinary pieces and honing our sewing skills in our small production facility, also known as the “garage” – yes, you read that right, a garage!
were it all started

Enter MANTRA 2.0, our best-kept secret, our Hidden Gem.

In 2021, we introduced the MANTRA 2.0 collection, the  SPLIT line.
Sleek monochrome – of black and gray for our Split hoodie, NeckHigh Zip and two tone sweatpants – each meticulously designed to elevate your streetwear game. You can catch a glimpse of these products on our cover INSTAGRAM page – hidden in hills. Or just check our web.shop.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why keep it hidden?”
Well, it’s simple, really. We wanted our loyal and dedicated MANTRA family to have first dibs, a little something exclusive-LIMITED, just for them – YOU.


We won’t leave you hanging. Stay tuned for an exclusive blog post that delves deep into our SPLIT collection. We’ll unveil all the secrets, from the wellspring of design inspiration to the craftsmanship behind each piece. We’re talking about the perfect blend of style and comfort that will undoubtedly make you the envy of your fashion-savvy squad.

In conclusion, dear MANTRA fam. our subtle absence wasn’t without purpose.
It was a deliberate strategy to bring you something truly extraordinary. We’ve been cooking up a storm, and the SPLIT line was merely the beginning.

Soon, we’ll introduce the PCS products, even more limited than SPLIT.
This time we promise to keep you in the loop, and our blog will be buzzing with insights, inspiration and a bit of personal touch to keep things more interesting

So, gear up and get ready to dive into the world of MANTRA.
The best is yet to come, and we’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us. Stay tuned, because itsMANTRA is back, and we’re stronger and more stylish than ever before.

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MANTRA Back 2 School Sale

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Revolution Street Contest 17

Revolution Street Contest 17

MANTRA beginnings are largely tied to “action sports” and the world that comes with it!

Rollerblading ” was our drug of choice!  But  we never understood animosity and divide that was between all the “action sports” so we supported a lot of different BMX, MTB and Sk8 riders and events throughout years.

and… Revolution Street Contest  has a special place in our heart!!!

Kondrat Viktor – organizer of the event is also one of the people who participated in the creation of  MANTRA brand !!
So it is quite normal that we are sponsoring this event from the start.

Kondrat Viktor

While we are waiting you to come to the competition this weekend 13.05.2017.
We decided to check out skate park few weeks ago, and visit our first and true ambassador of the brand – Tasnadi Bela.

Tasnadi Bela
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