End of Summer Collection

MANTRA End Of Summer

For Summer2016  we did a lot of touring, went to various art markets, exhibited in various shows, festivals and sport events and during that time we had on display our SUMMER collection…
AVAILABLE ONLY  for those that came to visit us and see whats NEW.

And NOW we premiere these products ONLINE and you can find them there now.


For a casual daytime, our MANTRA Jogg pants are the answer! 
And if it gets HOT outside try our MANTRA Jogg Shorts.

MANTRA Bottoms

This was our first installment of MANTRA Linear T-shirts, based on our recurring pattern we use in our products with MANTRA Linear TankTop to complete the set.

MANTRA Linear T-shirts

Last products of our SUMMER.2016 Collection are FIGURE series of T-shirts.

MANTRA Figure MAN T-shirts

MANTRA Figure W T-shirts

MANTRA Figure T-shirts are our interpretations of classic T-shirt - that unites functionality with some nice tailored finishes to get you this unique product.

MANTRA Figure Woman T-shirt

Figure M

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