Mantra 2005-2008 Retrospective

Mantra 2005

Perhaps many of you are not familiar with “Mantra” from day one, or you are not familiar with the stuff we did over the years, so we decided to make a retrospection that will show you some of our work from 2005. to 2008.
2005. is the first year in which we made our first real collection and sent it onto shelves from shops all over Europe.
Mantra Chino Pants, Clean Type and Leather Belts were our first products.

Mantra Chino 2005

Each of these products were special in their own way and some of them were reissued but in different colors.
Clean Type” is our loose fit cut and simple jeans that really represent Mantra and we even reissued them three times over these past years.

Mantra Clean Type 1-2-3

Beside them, “Earth Deamon 2” may be our best selling jeans and even today we think about “Earth Deamon’s” reissue or even Earth Deamon 3 – we know alot of you would be excited about that.

Mantra Earth Demon 2

SunCity Jeans – Earth Deamon 1 – Candy Snatcher are just some of our jeans products that we made.

Mantra Jeans 2005-2008

One of the most important part of “Mantra” are definitely our Leather Products
The No.1 wanted products, even today we produce them, are our Leather Belts – “Rivet” and “Plain” that were made in 2005.

Mantra Belts

Mantra Rich Kid Wallet – before – and Rich Kid Wallet – today

Mantra Rich Kid Wallet

Some of the T-Shirts/Longsleeves/Hoodies we made in that period.

Mantra T-shirts

During these years we have sponsored many riders (Tasnadi Bela, Bogdan Kijanica, Slaviša Živković, Jojo Jacobi) but
Stefan Horngacher, Dominik Wagner and Andreas Wagenblast, were the faces of “Mantra” through the years.

Stefan Horn Poster

Dominik Wagner

Gagi Wagenblast

At one point we made our first signature product for Wagenblast and his wifebeater was based on his arm tattoo.

Wagenblast Signature product

Not just the products made “Mantra” over these years. There were also sunny days on the seaside with alot of photoshoots and the presentations of our “Mantra” brand through newspapers, contests and riders support – and we even had our own skatepark element – grind box – in Ignition Skate Park, Germany.


Product  Photoshoots

Mantra Box at Ignition skatepark

Metropolitan Newspaper

Many years have past and many things have changed but there is only one thing that hasn’t changed – IT’S MANTRA

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