MANTRA LTD.015 Hoodie

MANTRA LTD.015 Hoodie

A culmination of this year’s journey comes to end with this year last product – a limited edition of new hoodie.

RED COLOR for this hoodie is symbolic and its time of release, because, as we are the end of the year – we should look forward to something new and better.
And as the color RED is the color of Energy, Passion and Action - we have something to carry on into the new year!

MANTRA LTD.015 Hoodie Metal Detail

This is a NEW CUT for MANTRA! Its SLIM FIT!

A lill elongated at the bottom, the hoodie is constructed from 280/g brushed cotton fabric, great for everyday wear, Zipper, Two front pockets are ready for everything you need to carry with you, Printed hoodie lining with cotton drawcord, and small MANTRA metal plate to finish of the product.

MANTRA LTD.015 Hoodie

MANTRA LTD.015 Hoodie pocket

To end this 2015. year – LTD.015.

Grab yours until stock lasts.


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