Revolution Street Contest 17

Revolution Street Contest 17

MANTRA beginnings are largely tied to “action sports” and the world that comes with it!

Rollerblading ” was our drug of choice!  But  we never understood animosity and divide that was between all the “action sports” so we supported a lot of different BMX, MTB and Sk8 riders and events throughout years.

and… Revolution Street Contest  has a special place in our heart!!!

Kondrat Viktor – organizer of the event is also one of the people who participated in the creation of  MANTRA brand !!
So it is quite normal that we are sponsoring this event from the start.

Kondrat Viktor

While we are waiting you to come to the competition this weekend 13.05.2017.
We decided to check out skate park few weeks ago, and visit our first and true ambassador of the brand – Tasnadi Bela.

Tasnadi Bela

Few good tricks were done and pictures taken!! ( Big thanks to Renato Miskolci for pictures )


Tasnadi Bela Savannah

Tasnadi Bela Backslide

Renato Miskolci torque soul

Tasnadi Bela Flat spin

Renato Miskolci Fishy

Skating Mute Air

Radak Emanuel Mute Air

Like every year before – WE will be there!
Preparing SALE on our t-shirts !!! SPECIAL price only on the spot !!
We’ll see you this weekend at MANTRA stand !!

Event link.: https://www.facebook.com/events/1172850399509366/

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