Forget limited editions, and say hello to the one-of-a-kind MANTRA LTD PCS Hoodie - a unique piece that you won't find anywhere else!

Made from a variety of different leftover pieces of fabric, no two hoodies are the same, ensuring that you will be the only person in the world wearing your particular version of this hoodie.

In our quest to create something unique for this year, we delved into the remnants of our past creations.
This hoodie isn't just made with fabric, it's built from a mosaic of leftover pieces.

Each piece is part of past creations, a fusion of 18 distinctive fabric pieces meticulously stitched together to tell a new story - uniquely yours.

We're handcrafting a limited run of 30to50 hoodies, depending on the leftovers we uncover.
This isn't mass production, it's curated art.

The final number of hoodies produced will depend on the available leftover fabric.
Don't wait – act fast to secure your unique piece of hoodie.
Pre-order the LTD PCS Hoodie before it's gone.

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